Drawn Poorly

Last update 1/26/19

 Comics, rants, and other crap.

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Here's the main thrust of this nonsense. For some stupid reason I decided in October of 2005 that I would draw a comic, 3 panels each day no matter what. What you see above here is 9 years worth, a massive stack of my life, experiences, observations all laid bare in Drawn Poorly fashion. I've been going though them and I can say much of it is downright embarrassing! The first few years are full of depression and anger, I can't even begin to grasp how angry I was then as I sit here now. I'll be pulling pages at random for my "updates" once or twice a week as I work on compiling them into forgettable, consumable tomes. I'm still not sure if they are worth sharing, I had some friends say they were, they may secretly hate me though....

Pick up the first two years for 20 bucks, 270 pages.

A page at random. Updated twice a week.

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