Drawn Poorly Vol 1

This is roughly the first two years compiled into a book, 270 pages. 20 bucks.


I have some old records (CDs) of bands I've been in. Check them out!

This was a pop punk band, I wanted to play hardcore but got stuck with this. We had awesome live shows but the music, well... sort of like the Descendents but with a crappy singer. I'm not selling this very well am I?


I was in this band for 7 years and we had a third album that was the best but we fizzled out before it was finished. I think we played about 20 shows in seven years unlike the other band I was in where we played about 450 shows in 5 years. More to my liking, all of this stuff is more in the old school hardcore punk/crossover vein that I love. We split each one, the blue one with one band and the green one with two others. I really enjoyed playing in this band, we were and still are all friends before, during, and after this project. As it should be. Anyway, I'm selling them for 6 bucks each free shipping or 12 bucks for all 3.



Coming soon will be the first two years complied into a book format.

Here's my first cover idea, I may go with something else. We'll see....